Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of artificial grass?

    Low maintenance – No mowing, reseeding or re turfing. No watering – ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas. Better for the environment – no need for pesticides or chemicals Ideal for areas of heavy usage – no more slippery or muddy areas and no dirt transference to the house All-year-round green – aesthetically pleasing no matter the time of year. No more yellow or bald patches on your lawn Clean and hygienically safe – Suitable for children and pets to play on. Ideal for - Busy homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not practical, second/holiday home owners and also organisations such as local councils who have to maintain roadside verges, city parks and pathways
  • Why choose to install artificial grass?

    Artificial grass is low maintenance, saving time and money, with no need to mow or water the grass, add fertiliser or chemicals and your pets won't damage the grass.
  • Can artificial grass be installed on top of my existing lawn?

    This is not generally recommended as the existing grass will die and compact to give an uneven surface. However if the surface is even and has good drainage then this is possible.
  • Will the artificial lawn be susceptible to flooding?

    Artificial grass is permeable allowing the rain water to run straight through it. However it is recommended to fit a drainage base below the levelling layer.
  • How long will the artificial grass last?

    Carrick artificial grass is supplied with a nine or ten year guarantee
  • What products are safe to use on artificial grass?

    Generally speaking, a mild detergent is the best thing to use. Carrick also offer artificial grass refresher and pet odour remover Products that are acidic in nature (ie. pH less than 3) or have oxidising properties (like bleach or peroxide) should be avoided.
  • What maintenance is required?

    Very little indeed. You should remove any debris which falls onto the grass and smooth any infill you may have. A leaf rake or garden broom will remove debris like fallen leaves, help realign the fibres and will smooth this at the same time. As the artificial grass is permeable, rain water will run through the infill and clean it at the same time.
  • Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

    Artificial grass provides a soft and enjoyable environment for cats and dogs to run and play on all year round.Carrick artificial lawns are pet friendly, non toxic and safe and because the grass is artificial the garden can be used all year round without the worry of muddy paw prints, ruined lawns, bald patches or digging.Artificial grass is permeable so pet urine drains through the turf surface and faeces can be easily removed, leaving behind a fresh, stain resistant lawn that will not discolour. Rain will help to clean your grass but of course you can also give it an additional clean with a hosepipe and our recommended artificial grass refresher or our pet odour remover.
  • Can i use a BBQ on artificial grass?

    Carrick artificial grass is fire retardant and is installed with a sand infill which also helps reduce the risk of fire. However we would always recommend that you never stand the BBQ directly on the grass but position it on top of slabs.
  • Does excessive heat effect artificial grass?

    Do take care if you have mirrors or reflective surfaces in your garden. In extreme heat the artificial grass will be noticeably hotter.
  • Do I need to water the grass?

    The climate in the United Kingdom means that you should never need to water the grass. However, there have been reported cases where extreme desert conditions mean that occasional watering is necessary to keep the undersoil from cracking.
  • Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?

    Weeds can grow any where but are less likely in artificial grass compared with real turf. Weed killer can be used if necessary without any adverse effect to the artificial grass
  • What areas are suitable for artificial grass?

    The most popular areas are residential lawns tennis courts, putting greens and football pitches There are many other uses, including: Roof gardens Patios Swimming pool surrounds - we would generally recommend at least three feet between the pool and the artificial grass. This will minimise the risk of discoloration from the chlorine in the pool. Children's play areas Pet friendly areas, dog exercise runs, kennels Sports playing surfaces Tennis courts Putting greens Football Pitches Garages Exhibition Halls Shopping centres Showrooms and offices One of the latest ideas is to use artificial grass to cover unsightly flat roofs.
  • Does the artificial grass surface flatten?

    You can help avoid the grass flattening by regularly brushing the pile with a stiff broom or mechanical brush.
  • What is the grass like to walk on?

    Carrick artificial grass is soft and springy as the grass we use has a much denser pile than other grasses. In extreme heat the artificial grass will be noticeably hotter.
  • Why is an infill used?

    Carrick will always use an infill as it helps stabilise the grass and to provide a bit of shock absorption. Sand aids fire resistantcy, helps prevent puncturing and prolongs the life of the backing from UV rays.

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